Waterproof Epoxy And Waterproof Resin Coating

Update:20 Nov 2020

If you have ever moved your company to a new building, you may find that it is too late, your dry storage room is not so dry at all, and improper  handling may be the culprit. Don't let water, spills, floods and other unpredictable conditions damage your and any objects damaged by water. With Boyu's waterproof epoxy  and Waterproof Resin Coating, you can easily avoid this unpleasant and expensive experience.

  Applications in each market

  By installing a suitable commercial or industrial concrete system at a higher level and wherever there may be too much water or other liquids, damage caused by liquids can be easily prevented.

  Boyu waterproof and paint are strong enough, even for facilities that often use water or chemical solutions to wipe or flush the with glue, they can also provide you with long-lasting strength and help you control liquids.

  Optional any Boyu system

  What is the best part of choosing a waterproof from Boyu? Any of our many commercial and industrial concrete systems can be installed as a waterproof system. We provide impermeable elastomer waterproof underlayment compatible with all other high-performance Boyu. This means that you can benefit from the chemical resistance, abrasion resistance and slip resistance that Boyu expects, as well as the gorgeous finishes you choose and any other special properties you may need, all of which are provided by a powerful waterproof  system Provide protection. This is a beautiful thing.

  Water damage costs

  Gravity pushes the liquid to its lowest point, which means that if your concrete system has cracks or fragile spots, water and other liquids will find them and seep in. Sometimes, this means the porous grout that soaks the tile , or drips into the concrete that are hard to notice defects. 

  as a result of? In many cases, this means immersing in porous wall panels,  materials and afters, which promote the formation of mold and bacteria. If it is not enough, the liquid from the higher level can easily penetrate completely into the ceiling of the room below, severely destroying all items stored there.


  Even if your concrete system is not normally exposed to liquids, accidents can occur and are unpredictable. Broken water pipes, back-up toilets and even overflowing mop buckets can saturate  and allow liquid to leak to the water level below. Regardless of whether the high-rise  is exposed to liquids during daily operations, the correct waterproof epoxy and coating can prevent accidents from becoming disasters.