Two major trends in the development of the waterproof industry at home and abroad in the future!

Update:04 May 2020

Let me talk about the first one, infrastructure

The major infrastructure is the construction of infrastructure around the national economy and people's livelihood, from transportation to water conservancy hubs, from urban pipe corridors to ecological and environmental protection, from construction of affordable housing to shed change and so on. In particular, in response to the continuous implementation of the national policy of “no housing, no speculation” in the past two years, the real estate industry has entered a stage of rational and stable development, and the construction waterproofing field urgently needs new growth points.

In the new round of sound investment control policies, infrastructure investment has increased, and traditional infrastructure such as transportation and water conservancy has made efforts to make up for shortcomings. High-end equipment, new materials and other industries have stimulated more new demand and boosted the development of the construction industry. Architectural decoration gains growth opportunities. The rebound in infrastructure investment is good for the waterproof industry, but it also puts forward higher requirements for the waterproof industry: environmental protection, more energy saving, economic development and ecological environment.

For the trend of ecological construction, the waterproof industry is also facing new challenges. From the original surface waterproofing to the seam line waterproofing conversion, the traditional waterproofing materials and construction techniques have been difficult to meet the waterproofing requirements of prefabricated buildings. Green and environmental protection, minimizing the probability of leakage and increasing the service life of the design are the main starting points, forming an underground engineering waterproof protection system, an industrial assembled roof waterproof system, a building modified silicone seal waterproof system, and a building decorative modified silicone seal Waterproof system, etc. Among them, the materials and components in the industrial assembly roof system are all industrialized production, reaching 100% on-site assembly construction, without any wet operation, saving a lot of consumables, integrating waterproof, thermal insulation, wind pressure protection, landscape function integration, is a set Green, prefabricated roofing solution.

Good news continues, the industry index continues to rise, downstream customers' quality sensitivity is enhanced, high-speed rail, rail transit, underground pipe corridors, sponge cities, prefabricated buildings and other projects are increasingly demanding waterproof products, and the company's independent research and development capabilities have achieved results. The scale effect of brands, production and channels is strengthened, and good coins drive out bad coins. The Matthew effect is becoming more and more obvious, the industry concentration is constantly improving, and the era of high-quality development is coming.

The implementation of the national environmental protection policy has raised the barriers to entry for the industry. In recent years, the country has continuously improved environmental protection and emission standards and regulations, and strengthened supervision. Enterprises in the industry that mainly rely on backward production methods will face tremendous pressure. Only by increasing investment in environmental protection, improving the level of environmental protection equipment, and reducing pollutant emissions can waterproofing enterprises develop smoothly under increasingly strict environmental protection regulations.