The Steps Of Making Polyurethane Injection Grouting

The mixture of water, cement and sand will form a slurry, just like a cement viscous fluid, which is used to repair cracks, fill voids and destroy them in good condition, thereby providing the strength of the part.

Before starting Polyurethane injection grouting, make sure where the grouting must be done, assuming it may be basement cracks, voids and any honeycombs. The most important thing is to know the place to be grouted. It can be on the height or foundation. If you need to use a high pressure grouting machine on the height, it can be manual or automatic.

Let us say a little bit, how to perform grouting?

First, use a drilling machine to drill the surface of the concrete wall. The depth and diameter of the hole may be different. Let’s take the basement concrete wall as an example.

Note: It is necessary to ensure how many layers are in the wall or joints (how many layers are there in the wall constructed with formwork to achieve the required height.

Drill a hole at each joint so that the distance from the center to the center of the hole is (500mm c/c). Make sure that the hole depth is 100mm from the surface of the concrete wall and the concrete wall thickness is 230mm. If you are an engineer or supervisor, you must Check and ensure that the drilling depth can achieve good wall strength or waterproofness.

After drilling, install the aluminum tube or nipple into the hole, make sure the diameter of the tube is the required diameter, fix it with cement grout, paste the cement mixture around the tube after installing all the tubes, and leave it for a day to set it up.

After the cement is fixed around the pipe or nipple, it will not be able to move, and then a pressure grouting machine can be used to start filling the grout into the hole. Since the grout will not flow out from the next one, use grout holes around the cement pipe. Now, proceed with the processing of each hole.


Easy to use or apply

Less time required

Environmentally friendly

Provide strength to the structure

Nominal cost

The equipment is easy to operate

No need for any heavy vehicles to transport machinery or equipment

Post time: Apr-20-2021