The Grease Fitting Has The Effect Of Atomization

Update:19 Aug 2020

The grease fitting is one of our products, so what is it used for, let's take a look.
Grease fittings, also called nozzle, are commonly used in automobiles. The function of automobile fuel injectors is to inject gasoline directly from the fuel injectors into the cylinders, which can generate mist in the cylinders and ignite them with electricity. It can be seen that the grease fitting is used to atomize the oil. The following is to introduce its classification:
The grease fittings are usually classified according to the atomization method and can be divided into:
1) Low-pressure grease fitting

This type of grease fitting uses the power of combustion air to atomize fuel oil. Its advantages are lower atomization power consumption and better atomization quality. The disadvantage is that the structure of the grease fitting itself is complicated, the air preheating temperature is limited, and the grease fitting specifications are small. It is suitable for small heating furnaces without superheated steam.
2) High-pressure grease fitting

The oil is atomized by high-pressure superheated steam or compressed air, and the atomization quality is good and stable. The air for combustion does not directly contact the fuel grease fitting, so the air preheating is not restricted, the adjustment range is relatively large, and it is easy to automate the centralized control and air-fuel ratio adjustment. The disadvantage is that the atomizer consumes a little more energy. This nozzle is suitable for large and medium-sized heating furnaces or general heating furnaces with superheated steam supply.
3) Mechanical atomization grease fitting

The rotor grease fitting is a typical mechanical atomization nozzle. It is a cup-shaped device that rotates at a high speed. The oil in the rotor becomes a layer of oil film close to the wall of the cup, and it flies centrifugally through the mouth of the cup. Out and atomized. This kind of grease fitting has a complicated structure due to a certain rotating mechanism, and the opening angle of the atomization torch is too large, so it is rarely used in a heating furnace.
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