The Basic Structure and Principle of the Surface Packer

Update:27 Oct 2020

The Surface Packers is mainly composed of a setting mechanism, a locking mechanism, an unsealing mechanism, a rubber cylinder and a connecting piece.

Packers are downhole tools that separate different oil and water layers in the wellbore and can withstand a certain pressure difference. This tool satisfies the requirements of the oil production process. It can not only go down to the predetermined position of the wellbore, tightly sealed, but also has durability downhole, can be smoothly lifted out of the ground when needed, and can be used in multiple cascades.

Each packer can move under the action of a given method and load, so that the packer is always in working condition. This operation is called the setting of the packer.

When the packer needs to be taken out, the working state of the packer is released according to the given method and load, which is called unblocking.

The operation of verifying the sealing performance of the packer after it is seated at a predetermined position in the well is called sealing inspection.