Related Introduction Of Surface Packaging Machine

Do you know the knowledge of packaging machine? The surface packaging machine is one of our main products. The packaging machine is a kind of machine that packs the products, which plays the role of protection and beauty. The packaging machine is mainly divided into two aspects: 1. Assembly line type overall production and packaging, 2. Product peripheral packaging equipment.
There are many types of packaging machines and many classification methods. There are many types from different viewpoints, which are divided into: liquid packaging machine, powder packaging machine, granule packaging machine, skin packaging machine, sauce packaging machine, electronic combination weigher packaging machine, pillow packaging machine according to the type of machinery; Packaging functions are divided into inner packaging and outsourcing packaging machines (also called Surface Packers); according to packaging industry, there are packaging machines for food, daily chemical, textiles, etc.; according to packaging stations, there are single-station and multi-tasking Position packaging machine: According to the degree of automation, there are semi-automatic and fully automatic packaging machines.
Vacuum packaging machines are divided into horizontal vacuum packaging machines and vertical vacuum packaging machines according to the different placement positions of the packaging materials. The packaged items of the horizontal vacuum packaging machine are placed horizontally; the packaged items of the vertical vacuum packaging machine are placed vertically. Horizontal vacuum packaging machines are more common in the market.
Assembled production packaging is used in the filling (filling), sealing machine and coding of products (bags, bottles) in food, medicine, daily chemicals, hardware, lighting, furniture and other industries.
Mainly include: liquid (paste) filling machine, pillow packaging machine, horizontal packaging machine, vertical packaging machine, powder granule packaging machine, bag-feeding automatic packaging machine, frozen product automatic packaging machine, etc.

Post time: Apr-20-2021