How To Find The Perfect Grease Nipple Coupler

It is a well-known fact that lubricating bushes and bearings can save a lot of wear. Minimizing failures and expensive repairs is a very important task, but it is easy to be overlooked! Here are some tips that may save you a lot of money and time.

1. Virtual lubrication:

Have you ever thought that you can save money and buy a cheap grease nipple coupler? guard against! The piston system eliminates the possibility of false lubrication-if the grease nipple is blocked, it becomes firmer. Now you know if you are actually still pumping grease. With the double lock system, you know that as long as the handle is pumped, the bearing will be effectively lubricated.

2. Easily replenish grease:

Adding grease to grease nipple coupler can be frustrating and confusing. It always seems to be exhausted throughout the work process! Check if your grease nipple coupler has horizontal lines to stop cross threading. Do you have the correct size grease box? Are you using the correct type of grease? If you “fill in bulk”-is there a corresponding connection between the pump and the spray gun?

3. Handle type:

Do you prefer a “lever” type gun or a trigger type? Generally, the trigger type is great for holding with one hand and placing the coupler on a flexible extension cord with the other hand. Need to hold the lever gun with both hands, and can usually pump higher pressure (psi).

4. Weight:

Grease guns can be used for quite a long time and can be used in many awkward positions, so you want them to be light and easy to hold.

5. Accessories:

Do you want a rigid extension or a flexible extension to bend over and get into difficult positions? How long do you want to expand? Where do you need to get there? The coupling has 3 or 4 jaws to choose from-do you prefer a tighter nozzle joint or a looser joint that is easier to remove?

6. Manual, rechargeable or pneumatic:

Usually, this depends on several factors-the cost and availability of compressed air, or the ability to charge the battery. Pneumatic and rechargeable grease nipple coupler is easier to use because you only need to pull the trigger, but it is more costly and requires on-site compressed air or a battery that needs to be recharged regularly. Like most rechargeable tools, batteries have been getting better and better and more popular.

7. Reliability:

Last but not least! Will your grease nipple coupler wear out quickly or “bubbles” all the time? We can recommend some reliable options and remember that when on the job site, time is money. You may have to pay a little more initially, but in the long run, the savings are huge!

Post time: Apr-20-2021