High Pressure Grease Fitting And Accessories

High Pressure Grease Fitting (or grease nipple, Zerk fittings, grease plugs, Alemite fittings, Zerk) are lubrication points in the mechanical system, and grease can be added from the grease gun. By applying pressure to the ball valve in the fitting, the grease will flow into the lubrication chamber but will not flow out.

Grease fittings have different sizes, threads, lengths, adaptability and styles. Below, we will discuss the common features and more important knowledge of grease accessories and their accessories.

If you encounter a damaged or damaged grease joint, the four-way grease joint tool will be your all-in-one solution. it can:



Maintenance and


Any straight, angled and Pin Zerk accessories.

Grease accessories dredge (professional) Grease accessories dredge

The dredge opens the clogged grease connector and loosens the hardened grease connector

Grease loosening agent can remove old hardened grease, dirt and debris from blocked bearings. In most cases, simply changing the connector will not solve the problem because the blockage is usually in the connector itself.

Grease The grease loosener adopts an all-steel structure, and the light viscous oil is injected into the grease joint through the pressure generated by the hammer. This will liquefy the old grease or dirt and push it out of the other end of the joint. After removing the blockage, just use a grease gun to lubricate the joint as usual.

The grease joint dredge comes with a grease coupling for connecting grease joints and a hose for hard-to-reach joints.

Drive accessories-grease accessories installer

The convenient grease accessory drive tool makes it easy to install right-angle drive type accessories and oil plugs. Insert the drive tool into the accessory, and then hit the other end with a hammer to place it in place.

These tools are made of heavy steel and galvanized.

There are 2 types: straight type and angle type

Protective sticker (hat)

Grease nipple and protector

These convenient small plastic covers keep your grease fittings clean. When oiling them, you don’t have to worry about clearing all the mess.

The Grease Fitting Protector (GFP) provides a strong seal on most common fittings. They provide excellent protection against pollution. These caps come in 10 colors and space for labels, which can clearly identify the grease needed for accessories.


Grease accessory protector is used as part of a fully integrated color-coded visual liquid management system

Available in 10 colors

Provide custom and pre-printed labels

Recessed head for label placement

Innovative design ensures easy removal from Zerk accessories-even when wearing work gloves

Durable industrial grade materials

Available in various sizes and pre-configured kit formats

Make grease fittings easy to find

To protect the label, it is recommended to use a lens.

Grease accessories protective cover

In addition to the grease accessories in the bag mentioned above, they also provide a pre-assembled kit, including 3 colors (blue, purple and red) and 6 colors (blue, purple, red, black, green and yellow). This allows you to assign specific colors to specific greases.

The color coding system can dedicate specific colors to specific greases. GFP leaves a mark space to identify what kind of grease is needed for the accessory. You can create your own custom 0.5 inch labels or choose from matching pre-printed 0.5 inch label kits.
The function of the grease accessory protector kit:

They are available in various sizes (1/4″, 13/32″, 17/32″)

Suitable for the most common grease fittings.

The recessed head ensures safe label placement.

The innovative design ensures easy refurbishment starts with spare parts-even when wearing gloves.

Durable industrial grade materials.

Make grease fittings easy to locate.

Post time: Apr-20-2021