Choosing the Right Grease Nipple Coupler for the Job Is Important

Update:04 Nov 2020

Before selecting a Grease Nipple Coupler, important questions must be answered regarding performance:How to Choose the Right Quick Coupling Product Quick Coupling Division

What are the functional requirements of the coupling?

What is the maximum working pressure of the application?

Which seals and body material are compatible with the system’s fluid?

Is the application static or dynamic?

What size coupler/hose is required?

What is the maximum pressure drop suitable for the application?

Does the application require the ability to connect and disconnect under pressure?

What is the media temperature and ambient temperature?

What end configurations are required?

Is an industry interchange coupler required?

Are air inclusion and fluid loss concern in the application?

Once these questions have been answered, a preliminary selection of coupling type can be made: one, two or no shutoff valves, and the type of connecting and disconnect mechanism. Keep in mind that one style may offer the greatest convenience in service, but a different model's lower pressure drop may be more desirable for the application.