Attention When Using Aluminum Surface Packaging Machine

Update:21 Oct 2020

Aluminum and aluminum alloys are currently one of the most widely used and economical materials. Since 1956, the world's aluminum output has surpassed the copper output and has always ranked first among non-ferrous metals. The current production and consumption of aluminum (calculated in ton) is second only to steel, becoming the second largest metal used by mankind; and aluminum resources are very abundant. According to preliminary calculations, aluminum reserves account for more than 8% of the earth's crust. . Aluminum's light weight, high specific strength and corrosion resistance are outstanding characteristics of its performance. We use aluminum on the packaging machine. Then, in the process of using the aluminum Surface Packers, the operation precautions are as follows:
1. Do not install, there are rubber wheels under the base, which can be moved.
2. Full-time personnel training operation and maintenance.
3. Connect the ground wire at the location specified on the grounding sign.
4. The machine should be kept clean and tidy.
5. All parts of the machine must be refueled before production (refer to the operating provisions).
6. When the machine leaves the factory, the gearbox strap lubricating oil must be refueled before production.
7. It is recommended to use oil-free air compressor for this machine.
8. The pressure of forming, heat sealing, indentation and other parts should not be too high, otherwise it will affect the service life. There should be a floating margin of about one millimeter for the forming and indentation.