Hot Sale Elastic Polyurethane Liquid Waterproof Coating Used for Water Leak in the Building

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Polyurethane Liquid Waterproof Coating is a reactive wet-curing film of polymer waterproof material, form a seamless film by absorbing moisture from the air; with high flexibility and elongation, strong ability to substrates deformation, waterproof life up to 15 years.

Product Advantages:
1.Requirement of moisture content to base course is not harsh, can be in more moist base face construction, also can be in the condition that relative humidity is bigger construction.
2. Polyurethane coating has high tensile strength, high elongation, good elasticity, good resistance to high and low temperature,and strong adaptability to the shrinkage and cracking deformation of the base.
3. One brush can be up to 1-3mm thick, dense film, no pinhole, no bubble.
4. Strong adhesion, in accordance with the requirements of the various grassroots do not need to brush the grassroots treatment agent.
5. Color adjustable, can meet different customers on the surface color of different human requirements.

Scope of Application:
1. Indoor and outdoor cement concrete structure, wall brick, light brick wall structure.
2. Food-graded pool, swimming pool, fish pool, sewage treatment pool.
3. Reservoir dam, tunnel, bridge, ice store, bathroom, sink, canal, floor heating waterproof, moisture-proof, seepage proof.
4. Wall, floor, building foundation, exterior wall, basement, toilet and balcony.

Ningbo Boyu Waterproof Material Co., Ltd. entered building waterproofing industry in 1991. In the 20 year development, Ningbo Boyu waterproof material Co.,Ltd. has been devoted to providing high-quality and perfect waterproofing system solutions for important infrastructure construction projects, industrial buildings, civil buildings and commercial buildings. Now it has grown into a global waterproofing system provider.
Our company produces waterproof and anti-corrosion materials mainly, set design and development, technical advice, construction services in one of the high-tech enterprises. Now has more than a hundred middle and senior title professionals.High-quality products and construction has been highly evaluated by the owners, in the industry to establish a good reputation.

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Place of Origin:
Zhejiang, China
Brand Name:
Zhuo Kang
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Other Waterproofing Materials
Building Coating
Injection Resin
Frost Proof
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Liquid Waterproof Coating
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Hot Sale Elastic Polyurethane Liquid Waterproof Coating Used for Water Leak in the Building

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Water base polyurethane is a macromolecule chemical injection water-stop material. It can stop the water leaking in the building at once, can be widely used on: Subway Station,Tunnel,Culvert,Foundation Improvement,Soil Settlement,Reservoir,Port Project,Top Slab,Crack,Construction Join,Shrinkage Crack,Basement hairline crack etc. water stop projects.

Type Other Waterproofing Materials
Material Polyurethane
Application Concrete
Usage Building
Function Injection Resin
Certificates ISO9001
Feature Frost Proof

Hot Sale Elastic Polyurethane Liquid Waterproof Coating Used for Water Leak in the Building

Hot Sale Elastic Polyurethane Liquid Waterproof Coating Used for Water Leak in the Building


1.Fast speed
After reacting with water, it solidifies as elastic colloidal solid in seconds

2.Convenient and efficient
Low viscosity,good grout ability and simple equipment.

3.Good groutability: low viscosity and good groutability, even to the tiny crack;

4.Secondary waterproofing
It reacts with water, and releases carbon dioxide then foams and swells. Meanwhile, it has secondary waterproofing.


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